Tuesday, January 06, 2009

More Youtube brilliance- Gremlins mess with your DVR!

I saw Gremlins 2 in a theatre which had a fun little segment where the gremlins appeared to mess with the projector. When the film came out on VHS they changed it to a sequence where they appeared to mess with the tape. Apparently the DVD uses the theatrical version. Some huge Gremlins fan went ahead and made up this sequence that could be used on the DVR or VOD version. I think it's positively brilliant. It's amazing what creative minds are coming up with and putting on youtube.
I just hope no prick at Warner Bros decides this is a copyright issue. If anything this promotes the Gremlins movies and possibly helps with the long rumoured Gremlins 3. Click through on the image to read the creator's comments and there's a making of video also.

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