Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Want some Fight Club Soap?

Came across an interesting ad on kijiji. Not sure how legit it is but it's an interesting collectible to have. I should try to sell some at the snack bar when we play Fight Club for the midnight series next year. Although we probably wouldn't sell many as the guy wants $70?!

This is the text of the ad:

"This is a plastic resin FIGHT CLUB soap bar made from a cast of the ORIGINAL mould used to make the bar seen in movie posters. I am asking $70 for this bar since it is a blood relative of the one used to promote the film. Measuring at 3" 1/2 W by 2" 1/8 L by 1" 1/4 H THIS IS THE CLOSEST REPLICA POSSIBLE TO THE ORIGINAL MOVIE BAR!!
I am a hobbyist prop maker with an appreciation for this very clever film... and I'm not the only one. This bar was made 100% by me, is made from a very durable plastic resin which has been tinted the appropriate colour pink and will last forever! This bar comes WRAPPED as depicted in the film.
Also with the purchase of this soap you will get a FREE replica Tyler Durden business card. But shhh...! Don't tell anyone I told you all this. Cause the first rule is... I'm not supposed to talk about it.
(Real FC soap also available)

Friday, June 03, 2011

Someone has seen a lot of movies...

An interesting video comparing Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill to many of the movies that inspired it. Some would say Tarantino steals from other movies but I find he mixes things up and changes them enough to make then fresh. It's hard to do anything these days that can't be compared to something else before it.

Everything Is A Remix: KILL BILL from robgwilson.com on Vimeo.