Thursday, December 13, 2007

Next Week's Movie

Next week was an interesting one to book for. It's the last week before we shut down for the holidays and typically one of the quietest weeks of the year. There were no new movies available which was kinda good since I didn't want to 'waste' one. So it was either bring something back or bring in something I had turned down or look at something a little different. I asked about Love in the Time of Cholera. It was available so I booked it in as one show at 7pm. No late show.

I decided to play the film for a couple reasons: It has more of an adult/art appeal and that crowd is still around when the students are gone. It's also a bit of an experiment to see how we are with the lesser known art films and whether they could do okay.

We'll see how it works.

The first 4 days back after the holidays will probably be American Gangster.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I hope these movies are as funny as they look, Be Kind Rewind and St. Trinians.

The trailers for both these movies are really funny. I've never been a huge fan of Jack Black but he looks well cast in Be Kind Rewind. It opens Jan 25th.

I don't know much about St Trinians. It's a British remake of an old movie. This trailer made me laugh harder than most I've seen recently. Colin Firth is always good and Rupert Everett in drag will probably be priceless. This movie has come out in Britain but I haven't seen a Canadian release date.

Next Week's Movies.

Next week was a little bit hard to decide on. I had already booked in Gone Baby Gone. The only new movie available was Lions for Lambs. I wasn't sure about playing it since it generally didn't do well and the reviews were mixed. However the only options were to bring back movies we had already played like Across the Universe or iffy movies I had passed on like Rendition. I decided to take a chance on Lions. It does have Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep and Robert Redford in it. It didn't do well in the US because they aren't into movies about Iraq but that doesn't necessarily translate to Canada. One thing in the trailer I thought was interesting. Meryl Streep's character observes that the Iraq war has taken longer than WWII. It was basically a toss up as to what order to play them in. I decided to play Lions first because it has more adult interest.

One week left before we close for Holidays. Not sure what will play. I think I might have to get creative.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Goes to show how important Volume is.

My review of Across the Universe wasn't that favourable but for a reason I suspected and mentioned in the review. The volume was too low. I watched it again the first night Western Film played it and was able to put the volume up to where it should have been. The songs gained so much with the higher volume. I ended up really liking the movie.
It's not completely the other theatre's fault, movies are all supposed to be mixed to play at the same volume level however there's usually some variation. When we play a film in DTS digital sound the volume level is usually set at 6.5 -7. For Across The Universe I had to turn it up to 7.6. Most movies at that volume would be blowing people ears out.

Next Week's (this) movies.

I'm a trifle behind as these movies have already started. Monday was an interesting day to book. I had already booked Into the Wild and Gone Baby Gone in because I knew they were available and there wouldn't be anything new coming off. However Across the Universe did more it's first weekend than most movies do all week so it wouldn't have made much sense to drop it. I also wanted to keep it since this is the last week before exams start. I decided to push Gone Baby Gone back a week and play Into the Wild for the first show and keep Across the Universe for the late show. Into the Wild is quite long so Across the Universe doesn't start until 9:55, pretty late for us.

I'm not sure what I'm going to fill the next two weeks with, American Gangster is the only 'big' movie that might come off. Usually in the exam period I try to play comedies or other good exam break movies. I may bring in Shoot 'Em Up for this reason. Or movies that appeal to the adult market that will show up while the students are busy.