Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Next couple weeks films. Sep 3- 16

Since we were closed for three weeks we built up a backlog of available movies. This resulted in us not playing a couple films we would have otherwise, but also allowed me to book the Frosh Week movies early. We try to get the new students into the theatre during Frosh Week so I booked the films ahead so the orientation staff and sophs can tell them what we are playing.

Here's some of the films that came available.

A-Team- from Fox so couldn't split, this movie wasn't worth playing by itself.

Knight and Day- also Fox and even less worth playing by itself.

If we had been open the three weeks I would have asked Fox if we could play both movies the same week, they will usually split with their own movies. Now better movies are available so I won't be playing either one.

Predators- Fox, no splits but probably wouldn't have played it anyway.

The Last Airbender - no words are needed.

Sorcerer's Apprentice. If we had been open I might have played it just to fill space but now I don't need to. It was a fun movie, I don't think it deserved the horrible death it got.

For re-opening I ended up booking The Girl Who Played With Fire. I'd rather have reopened with a big movie like Inception but it wasn't available. Also I wanted to play Girl before school started as a lot of the non-students stop coming during the first couple weeks of school. The other movie I reopened with was Grown Ups.

For Frosh Week I booked Twilight Eclipse and Dinner For Schmucks. Twilight isn't the best Frosh Week movie as mostly only the girls will go. Dinner For Schmucks is good for anyone.

For the last part of Frosh Week I booked Toy Story 3 and Salt, both good films. I wanted to play matinees of Toy Story but the theatre was already booked by someone else. Not an issue I would have had to worry about if we had got it before school started.

Renovations complete!

The new seats are in, along with the new floor and some of the walls have been painted. As soon as I remember to take my camera in I'll post some pics.

The new seats are more comfortable than the old ones and have higher backs. The cupholders were delayed for some reason but are supposed to be installed soon.

The floor is now vinyl, not the prettiest things to look at but much easier to clean than carpet considering how much stuff is spilled in the theatre.

The new video projector hasn't come in yet. I'm looking forward to seeing the image it puts out. We are bringing back the midnight shows on video as a result.

Going to be an interesting year...