Saturday, February 19, 2011

Funny trailer for Arthur remake

Here's the first trailer for the remake of Arthur starring Russell Brand. It looks pretty funny, he's trying to sound a bit like Dudley Moore I would say. The joke involving two European countries made me laugh out loud which I don't do often.

Interesting Video about Visual Effects from Hereafter

I find this kind of stuff fascinating. It's amazing what they can do with effects these days. I never saw Hereafter but I heard it was worth seeing just for the Tsunami sequence at the beginning.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cool Trailer - X-Men First Class

Hopefully this prequel will be more like the first two X-Men films than the third one, they have a good director (Matthew Vaughn) so that's a good sign.

Next Week's Film Feb 18 - 24

Next week is Slack Week AKA spring break so it's usually a dead week since the majority of the students are gone. I usually try to play a film that primarily appeals to adults if possible, or, I try to play a film I don't expect to do great but feel I should play. In this case it's Little Fockers, it didn't get great reviews or word of mouth but it was one of the Big Christmas releases so I feel I should play it. I think the students aren't all that interested in it but the adults who saw the first two movies when they were new might be interested.

I decided to play only the one show, there wasn't anything suitable for a late show available. Monday is a holiday so it's a good week to only have one show in terms of saving some labour costs.

We won't be having a showing of Fockers on Wednesday as we will be having an advance screening of Nicolas Cage's new film Drive Angry at 7pm. It will be free, check the website at for details.

There were two other films available:

The Dilemma- I'm not sure I'm going to play this one, it didn't get a lot of press, got bad reviews and generally bombed.

Barney's Version- I'm also not sure about this one, it has low awareness but is apparently a good film.

The Fighter was already available but I didn't want to play it during Slack Week. I'm currently planning to play it starting on the 25th. The weekend is part of Slack Week but the students will be back for the weekdays.

True Grit has done well enough to keep for another week but again I didn't want to play it next week. I'm planning to bring it back starting Feb 25th as a late show unless something more interesting is available. It will be back at some point. True Grit has done pretty well this week and the numbers are low because the students start leaving for Slack Week early or have assignments right before Slack Week.

I was quite surprised True Grit came available when it did so that leaves me some hope Black Swan and King's Speech may come available during March.