Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Why Western Film may not play Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tide

There's three reasons why we may not play Pirates 4 even though I had stated on my coming soon page that I would be playing it. They all kinda interact.

Disney wants a higher percentage than usual. Often if I wait they will drop the percentage but I've been told it won't drop.

Despite the fact it made a billion dollars I don't expect it to do well at Western Film. Basically because most of the people who wanted to see it already went out and did so. The word of mouth wasn't great so I'm not likely to get many that just didn't want to pay full price. word of mouth is key these days.

It's so long I can't play another film afterwards. During the summer we get a different crowd than in the school year and generally they won't go to a late show, especially if it gets to around 9:45 or so.

So basically I would have to play the movie by itself, don't expect it to do well and have to give most of the ticket sales to Disney...That's a recipe for not playing the film.

If I get a week soon where nothing else is available I'll play it then, otherwise it won't be playing.

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